As The Seasons Change

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Spring is in the air on the prairies this week. The snow is melting, the river is flooding (of course) and the newlyweds are cropping up everywhere! It seems as though the second it hits about 10ÂșC here in Winnipeg, the brides and grooms are out in swarms. Just this weekend I saw three brides in wedding gowns out and about downtown.

All this talk of birds and bees and flowers got me thinking (not like that, out of the gutter people!). What is your favourite season for weddings? Is it the classic Spring wedding? An outdoor Summer ceremony? (Maybe a la Miss Bee's favs?) A Winter wonderland? An Autumn "I Do"?

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For me personally I love the idea of a Fall wedding. Something about the changing leaves, chilly air and comforting warmth of a crackling fire just gets me. It's not cold enough to warrant having to wear a huge jacket, but it's not too hot where you are sweating like a beast in your Vera Wang, desperately hoping your Degree Ultra holds up it's end of the bargain. There is just something special about an Autumn wedding that I almost cannot describe.

So tell me, what is your favourite wedding season?

<3 Miss Charlie

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