Miss Bee's Top 5 Indoor Ceremony/Photo Sites

Ahh, more ceremony sites! Geez, you'd think that with all the press I'm giving ceremonies that they'd be a big deal or something! Well, this entry is to act as a pair up to my Outdoor Ceremony Locations post, because there are lots of us who don't want to chance the weather (beautiful options or not) on their special day. And you can still have an amazing ceremony/photography session without giving up the beauty. Here are my current picks for indoor venues!

Miss Bee's Top 5 Indoor Ceremony Sites

Taken from the site's History info: "When the former Canadian Bank of Commerce building, located at 389 Main Street, became vacant in 1969, the monumental and imposing grandeur that lay beyond the massive ornate bronze doors came to be admired but largely ignored. One of the grandest architectural buildings in North America was to remain vacant for over thirty years.
The twentieth century had brought new prosperity and Winnipeg emerged as the prairies'
financial centre. Winnipeg was at that time touted to become the "Chicago of the north"
and the financial centre of Western Canada. With many banks deciding to expand
their facilities along a downtown section of Winnipeg, the area became known as
"bankers row.""

Mmm, classy, elegant, sophistocated . . . there is no doubt that the Millennium Center continues to be a hot spot for weddings and receptions alone. To book this epic venue, definitely do it as ahead of time as possible, or else you're going to be sorely disappointed! Check out their Event Gallery to see if it fits your big day vision, and learn more about the wedding packages they have to offer! Probably the most luxe venue next to the Fort Garry Hotel (which is coming up below!)
Though I have yet to see a ceremony take place there, I do know that the library is an epic idea for photo opportunities (wedding, engagement, whatever!) and I've seen quite a few epic examples of this. This would be amazing for all of you book nerds out there, and for everyone who generally appreciates some amazing modern architecture! For more information on the library's hours, check it out here.

Probably my favourite place to go as a child growing up in Winnipeg. I always swooned at the Nonsuch, and absolutely adored the fake downtown complete with Charlie Chaplin movie theatre. Somehow, to me, there was so much romance amidst the exhibitions on our Manitoba history, and there seems to be romance beyond that too! Available for booking for large groups (receptions or ceremonies with guests up to 700!), You can recapture all your childhood fancies and tie the knot at one of the most epic and unique indoor locations in Winnipeg. Check here for rental info!

Um, seriously, what other Canadian city (or any city for that matter) has a legislative building whose architecture is modeled after the Occult? (Don't know what I'm talking about? Hit up the library and take a look at this book, The Hermetic Code by University of Winnipeg's Frank Albo). It's gorgeous, it's luxe, and it's available for wedding photography! Unfortunately, no ceremonies here (boo!) but, BUT, it is such a gorgeous venue for photos, I just had to throw it in there. Info about reserving the Grand Staircase can be found here.

Ahh, the piece de resistance. Fun fact: did you know that the artchitect who designed the Fort Garry Hotel went down with the Titantic? Well, this hotel gets more and more infamous the more you hear about it. Rampant ghost hauntings ring any bells for the seasoned Winnipegger?

But beyond ghosts and legends, the Fort Garry Hotel is the most luxe and grandeur you are going to get out of the downtown core for all your wedding needs. Rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, you may even want to honeymoon here knowing that Ten Spa is within the grounds! They offer full catering, and even an online event planner to help you out with the process, taking down all your info and helping you choose the perfect event package for your needs. If you want more heapingfulls of elegance and sophistication in one day, and you want a one-stop-shop for it, the Fort Garry is for you.


Are five locations not enough for you to choose from? Still thinking of somewhere like the Burton Cummings or the Pantages Playhouse? The Assiniboine Park bandshell perhaps? Well, thank the good graces that someone came up with a WEBSITE for that! Click here for more info on event venues throughout the city of Winnipeg! Awesome resource, to be sure.

♥Miss Bee

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