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So it's come down to this: either your guests have to bring their own napkins to your wedding, or you hire that awesome air-brushing makeup artist to do your wedding day face. Yeah, that's what I thought too, Grandma MiMi can wipe her mouth on the table cloth.

I kid. But truly, budget is an issue for a ton of brides and grooms out there. Sometimes you can't have it all! So if you've decided to skip out on the spa-like treatments of hair, makeup, and nails in favour of chairs so your guests don't have to squat at dinner-- then you're a DIY-er and Makeup Geek can help!

This website is pro, I kid you not. They have tutorial videos for almost any type of makeup you want to learn how to achieve. Their wedding-day video is really great. Take a gander!

Here are a few other tutorials that aren't specifically wedding related, but still appropriate for nuptials!
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