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I seem to be on a ceremony kick lately! Indulge me, if you will. I think that, for the most part, the majority of wedding planning gets sunk into the after party, with very little thought on the actual part of the day that unites two people. I got curious and obviously started digging a little deeper (see my Helpful Ceremony Hints and my top Outdoor Wedding Sites), and realized that Winnipeg brides and grooms have a lot of options, especially when it comes to the officiant! So today's spotlight will be on a couple of interesting individuals who are there to bring you together (literally) on your day:

Gerrit Theule and Shyla Waldman are a pair of Winnipeg based wedding officiants who got together to form Manitoba Marriages in order to help not only Manitoban couples, but those living in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Taken from their About Us page, they "believe that you can have the exact ceremony that you want." They will help you write not just your vows but what you want your officiant to say, customizing your whole day exactly as you like it. They perform both religious and non-religious weddings incorporating exactly the elements that you want, and tailor everything exactly to you.

They are also availible to offer other services should you need them: Shyla is a trained chef, formerly of the award winning "The Tallest Poppy" in Winnipeg. Gerrit, on the other hand, is a professional classical singer, frequently performing in operas across the country. Having a trained opera singer perform at your ceremony would be epic, that's for sure. 

I also really love their ideas section on their webpage, which lists the type of ceremonies they've done. I particularly like the theme weddings and the idea of a princess wedding . . . wait, what even is that? Time to break out the Google!

At any rate, what got me the most about these guys is the flexibility and the tone of fun that they convey. I'd certainly consider them, even if I was swayed by their past performing of a nudist ceremony. How can that be wrong? Haha!

Contact Gerrit or Shyla HERE
Or call: 204-204-977-1706

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