High Tea for Two

High Tea, anyone
I love weddings. I believe this has become more than obvious! I love absolutely every single thing about them, from the first course of the reception dinner down to the tulle in the bride's underskirt. But there is one thing that I cannot take my nuptial-addicted eyes off of for a second lest my heart fail. 

That's right! The cake! Oh don't look at me like that. 

Before I threw myself into publishing, I wanted desperately to be a professional wedding cake designer, and I coveted, hourly, the gorgeous cakes of the masters who were out there making the most beautiful, delicious things I'd ever seen.  But right now, right this second, right in your very city my fabulous prairie brides, there is your very own master around the corner. It's a company that, believe me, is doing way more than my little buttercream dreams can manufacture! 

High Tea Bakery has been a known name in Winnipeg for delicious treats and elegant cakes for years. And as time, and trends, move on, they've been powering through and coming out with cakes that are more art pieces than wedding yummies! (But believe me, they're still yummy, don't worry.) 

But elegant tier cakes, as lucious as the bows and flowers are, are not all that High Tea Bakery restricts their innovative scope to. They are also known in Winnipeg for their amazing 3-D fondant cakes the likes of which would make the contestants on Cake Boss swoon.

I know Miss Charlie would die for a Manolo cake. Oh lord, who WOULDN'T?
Very clever birthday cake

Look at that newspaper! Sooo intricate!
But obviously that's not enough! C'mon, is it possible to get enough of them? High Tea Bakery also offers a wide range of cupcakes, cookies, and petit fours for your varying tastes. If you're like me, then yes, you'll have many.

See, I wasn't kidding when I said that High Tea Bakery had it all to satisfy your every craving! Now it's up to you to venture down to 2013 Portage Avenue and see these gorgeous creations for yourself. Should you be planning your wedding and curious about prices, you can also query them here for a personalized quote on your specs, or read through their FAQ or Pricing. High Tea Bakery also offers decorating classes should you want to foray into the cake world with your own two hands!

So get out there and drool little prairie brides, because it's your day. Shouldn't it be as delicious as you?

♥Miss Bee

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