Strictly Gorgeous

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A wedding invitation design is one of the major things every engaged couple has to agree on. Classic and elegant? Simple and clean? Outrageous and totally unique?

How about all of the above.

Strictly by Invitation is a Winnipeg-based paper-design company that can do just about anything for a prairie couple looking for something different, or for that couple that loves tradition. Their website highlights some of their gorgeous and well-made designs-- invitations for weddings, birthdays, you name it, they do it.

For those scouring for an amazing paper company to do custom wedding invitations--guess what? They do that too! 

From save-the-dates, to place cards and all of your wedding-paper needs, Strictly by Invitation has the prairie bride covered! 

For more information about Strictly by Invitation like them on Facebook or visit their website. They even have a blog you can check out.

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