Sunday Sunlight - Guestbook, Placement, & Favour Tables

Ahh, I love Sundays! Even though I have to work every single one, they always resonate as that fresh extension to what is probably a glorious, work-free weekend for all you normal people out there! Also just makes me think of Sunday brunch. Mmm, I could eat Sunday brunch all day every day! . . . now I want brunch, damn.
I digress! You didn't come here to listen to me quip about sweet, sweet bacon. Another time. Something else that's super fresh and glorious on my radar right now is what people are doing with their guestbook or seating arrangement tables! That's right, those big displays at the front that tell you where to sit, and also invite you to leave a note or piece of advice for the newly-wedded. Maybe you'll put your favours here, or an example of the menu? Who knows! These are all prime real estate for you DIY brides to show your stuff. I've seen typewriters, I've seen flags, I've seen scrabble pieces artfully glued together. But what about you? Found anything interesting in your own blog surfage? I've got a few here I think you'll like, and hopefully they'll give you some excellent ideas of your own. (I'm definitely having an antique typewriter at mine. It's written in stone now! No turning back!)

Photo courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes

Photo Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes
Love this idea! It's DIY and totally awesome, even if it's a little cluttered. But I love the baroque frame and all the delicious colours!

Photo copyright Sarah K Chen

Any crazy DIYers out there raring to go on their own guestbook table? I'm dying to see more! These are all so cute!

♥Miss Bee

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