You Crafty Minx

Some are gifted. They can cut, sew, glue, glitter, pin and primp! And some are less than talented at crafting... anything. Never fear! Don't think just because you don't have a subscription to Martha Stewart Living, PVR the DIY channel or have a personal relationship with everyone who works at Michaels, that you too can't craft worth a dime.

If you are feeling like you have to tighten the belt on your wedding budget, why not make some hand-crafted favours for your guests? Or even make some of your own table centres? Don't feel like these are a daunting undertaking. Well, if your guestlist is in the 200s you might want to garner a crew of helpers unless you are Martha herself.

I've rounded up a big ol' bag of ideas right here for you Prairie Brides looking to try something crafty!

Votive Candles 

I thought this idea from Michaels was a great way to showcase some crafty-talent (or not so talent!). Pick out candles that coordinate with your wedding colours, and wrap the base with fun or pretty craft paper! To hold the paper in place, use push pins or even a brooch. Ribbon or tulle finishes off a really easy and really beautiful centre piece or favour!

Custom Candy Boxes

Another idea from Michaels that I really liked. Fill acrylic boxes with a candy (or any favour) of your choice and wrap with ribbon. Finish it with some glued on rhinestones, or make a cute box with leftover ribbon or material scraps!

Tea Bag Favours

Had to go to the Guru for this one, Martha Stewart. Cute idea that even the least-craftiest of us can accomplish! Pick out a tea blend that you and your fiancee enjoy and create custom tags for your wedding guests! Though as one commenter noted, you would definitely want a non-toxic ink for this. Unless of course... you want someone 'taken care of'. You know what I mean, don't play coy.

Floating Flowers, Candles, you name it!

An easy and completely beautiful way to highlight your tables. Small dollar store brandy glasses or candle holders filled with water and topped with a floating candle or flower, or even petals. For something different try placing a few pieces of coloured glass or beads in the bottom of the glass first!

There are a lot more craft ideas out there that can help a budget-couple fit everything in to the wedding of their dreams!

<3 Miss Charlie

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