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Time to sneak some home-grown prairie love into your Friday, ladies and gents! I love doing features on local Winnipeg wedding vendors. I live vicariously through not only the epic services they have to offer, but the knowledge that they are the sweet hidden gems in my hometown.

TEARS, SNIFF. Moving swiftly onward, because we have just the person for you today!

Photo copyright Kelly Bik Photography
Though it's often one of the things many brides tend to 'leave to the last', having a makeup artist on site for your wedding (as well as the photography session afterward) can be a super-godsend! Touch ups will be required, and smudgings/smearings will occur a lot more often than you think. (Especially if it's a hot outdoor wedding.) And there is definitely one person I can recommend to have on your team. Yes, it sounds like a movie set, but it basically is on your wedding!) 

Photo copyright Kelly Bik Photography
Johanna is a freelance makeup artist based in Winnipeg, and has quite the portfolio to more than prove her worth on the scene. Be sure to check out her blog, which updates frequently with gorgeous photography and brand new updates to her portfolio. Don't forget to follow JC Makeup Artistry on Facebook, and if you have a comment or question, you can totally shoot Johanna a message at jcmakeupartistry@gmail.com! Best way to tell if she's right for you? Client Commendations are always useful, hm?

Photo copyright Kelly Bik Photography

Photo copyright Kelly Bik Photography
*Makeup in all photos is courtesy of JC Makeup Artistry in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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