Walking on Sunshine

Ahh, if there's anything that gets me out of bed, it's a bright and sunny day, especially in this winter dirge that seems to be sticking fast as Spring bustles its way in! And those arctic days are clinging hard. Minus anything needs to go right back up to plus, if you please! 

So all you prairie brides getting prepped for your Spring or Summer nuptials, or those of you who are considering a wedding full of sunlight, I'm sure you're dreaming of your outdoor options. Flowers! Grass! Water features? And not to mention tons more artistic photography opportunities. 

Luckily, Manitoba has hundreds of fabulous opportunities for you to celebrate your epic union in the splendour of our abundant forests and parks, with a ranch or ten thrown in for good measure. Or maybe you still want something out in open air, but with the modern flair of a unique and stylish venue? Whether you want to mix it up or keep it fresh, here 3 of my current favourite outdoor ceremony sites with a dash of the bohemian and a sprinkling of urban style.

Miss Bee's Outdoor Ceremony Sites

I think the reason I'm so in love with The Gates is because its in my old neighbourhood! Charleswood showcases a lot of gorgeous landscapes, and The Gates takes advantage of it with their sizable parkland surrounded by trees and right on the riverfront. The entire venue mixes suburban chic with backyard/garden party charm, which is tantalizing for me. Boasting seven acres of manicured grounds on the Assiniboine River, this place has everything you're looking for in photography possibilities as well. But wait, there's MORE! (Isn't there always?) They have fabulous restaurant/reception/ballroom accommodations should you want to keep the party in one location, with options for cocktails, morning, mid-day or evening receptions. They're suggesting you book at least 12-18 months in advance though, because this is a fairly popular venue. Can't you tell why? Check out their wedding package here!

A Winnipeg must-see and gold-standard for tourists and permanent residents alike, the sculpture garden is always one of the most romantic locations in the city. With its beautiful artwork scattered throughout the grounds, the elegant arbour (which is generously vine covered in the spring/summer), and its quaint pond filled with some of the most obliging and conversational frogs I've ever known, I simply adore the Leo Mol site. Though this would be something suggested for more small, intimate weddings (arbour area seats about 85 people comfortably, though the grassy area in front of the gallery building is also an option), it still packs a gorgeous punch. Imagine this place at sunset! Brilliant. I've spent many a sunny afternoon here, and its perfect romantic garden revelry.  

If you still want to catch a breeze, but you aren't as hung up on the natural graces that Winnipeg has to offer, you can also class it up ABOVE the city! Though a lot of people tend to overlook it, the WAG offers the opportunity to hold your ceremony on their rooftop where they have an intimate sculpture garden (sans excessive florals) aside from their often-touted in-gallery ceremony opportunities. It's not just weddings. Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, corporate dinners, cocktail parties, birthday or anniversary celebrations—the WAG has an elegant ambiance unique to an art gallery.

Any places that you're jonesin' to share for outdoor sites? Tell tell tell!
♥Miss Bee

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