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mmm delicious
We've all heard of M&Ms, they're nothing new. They taste like magic and they are a part of (almost) everyone's childhood. (Yeah I'm looking at you. Yeah you, the one who used to pick the peanuts out of the centre...)

Lately M&Ms have been acting more 'grownup' then ever. Even working as wedding favours! That's right! Customizable M&Ms have been around for a while, but it's just recently become a more popular wedding favour.

All you have to do is make yourself an account on MyM&Ms and they'll help you get started in the easy process of making your very own wedding candies! WHAT! Below are the screen caps I took as I tinkered about with the many different colours, and images.

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First you go about selecting from that big ol' wheel of colours! (As you can see I've already gone ape on the creator).

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Then they give you the option to add words, premade clipart or hey! upload your own image! (As I've done on the far right hand there).

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The final step is choosing form the array of packaging! I like the silver tins, I think they're classy. (As classy as candy can be haha).

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Here is a more classic 'wedding' type package they offer.

(And what I made with it)

They now have 'sparkly' colours like the image on the right. Gold, platinum and silver!

Ooohhh fancy!

Oh yeah, if Ewan McGregor ever wants to marry me... I've already made the wedding favours.

♥Miss Charlie

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