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Back on with the officiating again! And I'm on a roll, let me tell you.

So ladies and gents - thinking about personalizing your wedding even further than you already have? Trying to cut a few costs while planning? (Which will be a saving grace once the time comes, believe me). Or maybe there's a special friend/family member you want to include in the ceremony that you can't already. 

Well, how about having one of these elusive friends/family members officiate the wedding?

And the record screeches, the brakes are on. I know what most of you are thinking. "Is that even legal? Would that make my marriage even binding?" Well, if you'd just let me explain, maybe you'd find I'm not so out of my tree as you may think.

The Universal Life Church of Canada offers a legally binding and completely valid means of involving your best college football buddy or your best girlfriend from work in your wedding. They offer a free ordination package, which ordains you completely as a minister who can perform wedding ceremonies. And it's all online! Fancy that. What a world we live in for sure.

Personally, I think it's an epic idea. Especially for those who are considering a deeply personal, or non-denominational ceremony. (Don't worry; you can also get ordained for a day as a minister/officiant in your chosen faith should it be an issue!) 
So what do you guys think about this idea? Tacky, fun, epic, ridiculous? If you want to contact them, check 'em out here!

Miss Bee

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