A Night on the Terrace

Nestled amongst the trees of Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park, Terrace 55 specializes in Canadian Contemporary Cuisine. Ample windows and a glass ceiling allow diners too enjoy the seasonal menu offerings along with the well defined seasons that Manitoba is known for. Assiniboine Park is also internationally renowned for it's Zoo, The Leo Mol Sculpture Gardens, conservatory and art collections. The restaurant focuses on seasonal local, regional and national ingredients, which are highlighted with an emphasis on freshwater fish and seafood. The wine list is made up of many international vintages that really spotlight Canadian wines (a rarity at a lot of high-end cuisine locations!). Great food and wine coupled with an iconic location make it an incredible choice, especially for your wedding.

PART 1 - Reception

Taken from their 'WOW!' profile: "In keeping with our surroundings of beautiful Assiniboine Park, Terrace Fifty-Five will mirror the “greenness” of the park with a menu that will be representative of a regional cuisine . . . Our Chef has committed to use sustainable and renewable resources whenever possible. Manitoba products will be used extensively including local produce, pickerel, grains, bison and lamb."

But this is all fine and well for the hungry connoisseur of the everyday, but we are here for weddings. And what do they have to offer all you nearly-weds?

Well, if you take a look at their details on a wedding package, whether the function is large, formal, or informal, you have tons of options. Want to have it all in the Pavilion Room (which your bridal party can also use exclusively throughout the day)? Check! Or maybe your tastes long for the spacious open windows and elegant intimacy of the Rotation Gallery on the second floor? Or, even further, you'd love to dine and dance under the stars at the Atrium and Terrace patio? It's all possible here! (Geez, I'm just researching it now but I'm falling in love with this location!)

Appetite still not piqued? Check their lunch or dinner menu and salivate all over your keyboards!

But of COURSE this is not all!

PART 2 - Ceremony

Yes, I tricked you! You thought it was just a reception and event site, didn't you? Well, luckily for you, I'm here to let you know that you can also have your ceremony at Terrace 55! (If you plan on doing the reception here, that is). Whether on the Terrace or in the Rotation Gallery, you again have tons of options. But Assiniboine Park is so beautiful in the summer months, so why not take advantage of this gorgeous space and all it entails? 
Oh my Lord, but look at that pond. I love this locations. Obviously suited for smaller weddings up to about 150, (same with the reception area, as you'll note on the room capacities for each) this is still a perfect place to tie it up in Winnipeg. And I think I speak for the majority of those living in the area who have often frequented this beloved park more than once!

 So now that I've completely made you gaga, there are a few details I'm sure you're dying for. Like location, contact info, and open times. Book quite ahead though! The days fill up fast, especially during peak, flowery, green, summer season.

Where is it, pray tell?

Terrace Fifty-Five Food and Wine
Unit B - 55 Pavilion Cr

Hours of Operation

Tuesday – Saturday
from 11:30 am for
lunch & dinner
10:30 – 2:00 pm for Brunch and from 5pm for dinner
Closed Monday

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