Anaiss Bridal Wear

image (c) Anaiss Bridal
It's come again readers: the holy dress post. Not words-- just dresses! This time I've delved in to Anaiss and their Bridal section. Gorgeous! And some of their styles are carried at Stella's Bridal in Winnipeg!

OK I lied-- a few more words! What drew me in to Anaiss was their amazing styling and photography! They are dress sample sheets, but they are so awesome! Gives you all the information while still remaining totally beautiful to look at! CONGRATS ANAISS! As always, click the images to get an even better look!

The next two I'm going to post are actually not from the Bridal section, but their 'Occasions' section. HOWEVER-- they are still jaw-droppingly gorgeous and completely Bridal appropriate in my eyes!

<3 Miss Charlie

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