Miss Bee's Big Day Question

Gonna make this a short one. Ladies, I want comments! Come on! I love asking these questions, and I love picking your brains, but there won't be a discussion without some comments. I can't be the one talking here all the time! That's what Monday's are for. Grousing and heckling and henpecking. 

Now that I've got that off my chest, here's something I wanted to toss your way:

What do you think is the most important aspect of the 'wedding day'?

Maybe it's the dress, the champagne, the food, the ability to convene and reunite with family and friends that you love and hold so dear. Maybe it's not a 'thing', maybe it's just a moment. Maybe it's knowing your outdoor wedding hasn't been rained on. Maybe it's the anticipation of the fact that you are about to be paired up with the person you have loved for years. Or maybe the best part of the day is the END of the day, when you know the planning has gone off and you can sleep for the first time in months since the planning began.

Or maybe it's just the gigantic cake. That's also a pretty big deal.

Now remember guys, I want some talking! These Mondays are getting sad without at least one peck! 

♥Miss Bee

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