The Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton
I figured a Royal wedding was pretty blog-worthy! On April 29th Prince William is set to marry Kate Middleton, and they've sort of already become a huge cultural phenomenon. The "every-day girl" meets the "handsome Prince" archetype has captivated not only the U.K., but North American as well.

Among the crazy list of things being created in honour of their nuptials is: a made-for-tv movie that is said to be cult-classic it's so bad, a set of silverware, dinner plates, mock engagement rings (a la Kate's Sapphire which was originally Diana's), flags, t-shirts, commemorative coins -- the list goes on.

Can you imagine living in the spotlight 24/7 AND trying to plan the biggest, most televised wedding of the year? (Maybe even the decade?). Sheesh! But then again they've got money out the wazoo and probably a pretty posh wedding planner taking care of everything.

Still! Imagine having to share your day with 750 millions viewers, along with your family, friends and whomever else can fit into Westminster Abbey!

There's been talk that Kate may wear a dress designed by Jenny Packham (love!) which would be awesome. I'm rooting for that!

Kate has a very sophisticated clean-pallete way of dressing (think Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Halston, etc.) and I am looking forward to what she plans to wear for a dress! I can see her going for something modern, maybe even just a plain sheath with beading?

Then again, it's a Royal wedding so she may pull out all the stops and wear a cascading ballgown! I kinda doubt it considering her simplistic style, but you never know!

As for William, I'm not sure what he plans to wear! I can almost guarantee it will be a tux vs a suit. Maybe even a tailed coat and waistcoat to match!

Can we take a moment to talk about this ring? It is so beautiful and unexpected! I thought it was sweet that William and Kate chose Diana's ring. I think it symbolizes a closing of the past Royal marriage and a fresh new beginning for the young couple. I know they've been criticized for using Princess Di's jewels, but I think that's all rubbish!

So tell me readers, are you planning to get up at 4:00am to start watching the royal wedding coverage?

<3 Miss Charlie

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