Where Every Bead is a Gem

Today I'd like to focus on personality - that little dash of you that every bride or groom wants to sprinkle on their wedding. And it's only fair! It is, after all, your wedding. So duh, why not?

Beyond the food, music, clothing or flowers, there is a small but very significant way to put your own spin on things--the wedding jewelry. No, I'm not talking about the ring! I'm talking about everything else that's shiny and wonderful in the ceremony.  So let's get started. From turquoise to jade to lapis, these three sisters have you covered--and gleaming.

Taken from their About Us page: 

"We are three sisters wild about beads! Being surrounded by so many men: husbands, seven sons between us and four brothers to boot, beading lets us get in touch with our feminine side as well as strengthen our sister bond!

We’ve been creating out of our homes for five years, searching high and low for the best beads. We began travelling to find the best beads in the world. China, Thailand, Mexico and even in our own beautiful Canadian backyard, we have found some exceptional products that we wish to share with you."

Looking for custom jewelry for you and your bridal party? Or maybe a special gift for your mother and soon-to-be mother in law? Look no further ladies. Not only do these spectacular sisters offer custom jewelry consultations, they also offer parties and workshops. Imagine hunkering down with your bridal party for a relaxing night where you all design the bracelets and pendants you're going to wear on the day! It'd certainly be a nice reprieve from running around and hoping the bride doesn't explode on everyone from wedding-stress. (Eeek) And should beading really take your fancy, you can even come back to work on your project in the studio. Click here for class info!
Lapis lazuil

If you're already a savvy beader, never fear. Poco also sells the beautiful beads I'm sure you're drooling at, which opens up realms of creative possibilities. Semi precious stones, swarovski, fresh water pearls, to tools and giftware, they've got your back. Give 'em a call today!

Poco Creations & Beads

575 Archibald Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday: closed

Ooh look, SHINY!

Miss Bee

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