Dress That Man Up

Now, I know we go to great lengths to show you all the prettiest dresses the world has ever seen (well why not? They're so SHINY!!) But today I'm taking one for the guys! Want to look dashing and debonair on your wedding? Look no further than the next shop I'm about to take you through.

Oscar de la Renta. Neil Allyn. Perry Ellis.  Fubu. Geoffrey Beene. These are just a few of the brand names that you'll find here. Whether you're looking to rent or to purchase, they've got you covered from tophat to tails. Shoes, ties, and any other accessories are also extremely accessible at Aldo, as well as custom tailored pieces made to fit your body type and style. Check out their Rental Page for examples of their delicious wares! Everything from classic black tux with bowtie to three piece white number, varied collar cuts and oooh, wow, looking at suits is just as addictive as looking at dresses. I just keep picturing my boyfriend in all of these SULTRY NUMBERS. Whew. <Fans self>

Oh man, I'm particularly loving the red and black one here. Or the pinstripe ensemble! I'm definitely a little nutty. But on this one, I think I'll let the man decide. It's his day too, and he's going to be probably just as stressed out and nervewracked as the bride, so him being comfortable and at ease in what he's wearing is key. Just as long as he's not wearing something out of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. SHUDDER.

So grooms, groomsmen, and little-boy-ring-bearers, take note! Aldo has everything for you. Don't forget to browse their selection of vests/waistcoats, shoes, ties, and more. Don't worry, they've even got shirts. You're set!


310 Notre Dame Avenue

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(204) 947-3917

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