Your Wedding, A Moving Picture

Though this may be either the last thing on your wedding planning list, or maybe even something you haven't thought about, the videographer can contribute quite a bit to the preservation of your special day. The photographer, of course, is always the 'memory specialist' on site at any wedding, and is always deemed an absolute necessity so that you can look back on all your photos and get back the same feeling of rapture and fun. A lot of people will shrug off the videographer because a) they figure there is at least a dozen family members milling about with a handy cam, and that b) a videographer may be redundant alongside the photo-master.

To this I would say, INCORRECT. 

Not only are you going to get a live-action version of snippets from your day, but when you have a videographer at the helm, you're also getting their editing skills, which maybe that handy-cam family member doesn't possess. Skills the likes of which you're going to see in many high budget films. And hey, wedding's are a crazy thing to plan, and most brides and grooms get so caught up in getting through the day that it all flies by in a whirlwind. Why not have it preserved so you can sit down and watch the magic unfold in a drama that you're the star of?

Okay, a little corny, but bear with me!

Besides, their are a ton of fun ideas that you can work toward with your special videography. Want a music video featuring highlights from the day? How about an epic film-rendition of your first dance? Or an interview-style telling of your love story a la Rich Bride Poor Bride, or something you'll see in a Train video?

Look no further, prairie brides, because if this sounds as amazing to you as it does to me, then you'll love the company we're crowing about today:

Lights, camera - time to release your inner starlet! With Winnipeg's freshest and most inventive wedding and event videographers, A Moving Picture Studios offers you a wide range of visual opportunities to showcase your day at its best. From your photoshoot, to your first dance, to even your reception entrance, A Moving Picture is going to be there to capture it all. Want to see a few of the rockin' examples of your DVD chapter list? Check 'em out in their portfolio here!

Their motto is "Every video we produce is a work of art", and they aren't lying! All of the work they have up on their website under their portfolio really speaks to the quality, care, and polish of their film work. Once you've become one of their clients, you will get access to the site's 'Client Area' as well. Be sure to check out their pricing, and keep an eye on their blog and Facebook to see what's new and fresh for this amazing Winnipeg company!

If you want to see if they're available for your wedding date, fill out this form and they'll get back to you. Otherwise, their business hours are Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 9:00pm. If you want to reach them by phone, please call 204-230-1747. And even if you aren't looking for a wedding videographer, remember that A Moving Picture Studios also provide services for baby/kid videos, as well as advertising.

Located at 214-230 Fairlane Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Call to make an appointment today!

♥Miss Bee

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