One Gown Fits All

Christina Wu avail. at Stella's Bridal
Following Miss Bee's post about the acceptance of beauty regardless of size, here are some of my favourite gowns available in up to size 28-30. And the best part? They are from Winnipeg retailers!

Alfred Sung at Helene's Bridal

Not every woman is comfortable showing too much arm (I am one of them) and this gown by Alfred Sung fully encompasses everything I love about a wedding dress without having to be strapless! Sweet heart neckline, antique lace and a vintage-feel. Beautiful! This is probably one of my top five favourite dresses of all time! When you're a bigger girl it's not always great to have a ton of fabric wrapped around you, and this dress definitely has a light and airy look to it that I love.

Jai Style at LA Collection

Here we have something more traditional for you classic-wedding lovers. Strapless, A-line, gathered... there is a reason it's the most-used gown formula-- it works! This one is more unique for it was designed specifically for the plus-size bride. The pleating and folds work to help show off the dip in the waist and the brooch draws the eye upwards. I love this dress by Jai Style!

Alfred Sung at Helene's Bridal

This is another Alfred Sung gown that is perfect for the curvy-girls. Forget those spaghetti straps ladies, these thicker bands will hide a good supportive bra that'll bring your 'girls' up and make your waist appear smaller, and hey... maybe give you a little 'wedding-appropriate' cleavage... wink wink.  The empire style waist also helps hide your stomach if you find that's your 'problem' area. (It is for me!)

Christina Wu at Stella's Bridal

Christina Wu dresses are always fantastic. I especially love the detailing on the this one. It's great for a curvy bride who wants to show off her waistline. The band emphasizes the hourglass shape and with a pair of control-top pantyhose (don't judge me now, we've all been there) this would look fabulous.

Mori Lee at LA Collection

This dress by Mori Lee is so gorgeous! (I think partly because I am a sucker for styling and this photo is fresh to death). Again the shape is amazing for plus-size women, drawing the eye to the smallest part of the waist, and then tapering slowly away for comfort. I love the fabric, I love the ruffles--- I love everything about this.

Mori Lee at LA Collection

Another one by Mori Lee. The off-the-shoulder straps are great for covering the not-so-great part of your arms (if you feel the need for that), and the beading at the waist again accentuates the upper body, drawing attention away from the hips/thighs. Here again it's a classic a-line shape, which works on every figure.
I know it's hard to get out there and try dresses on sometimes, but you have to do it! Trying it on is one of the most important steps, and it can totally transform your idea of a wedding dress. From experience I know it can also totally kill your confidence if they don't carry a sample dress in your size (boy do I know that one...) but you have to keep on keepin' on! I did eventually find a dress I could try on in my size (this was for a prom dress by the by) and I still loathe it to this day. I had to order in a few sizes larger (couldn't zip the sample all the way) and it was horrendous. Retailers are smartenin' up however. There are WAY more sample sizes than ever before, and now with designers focusing JUST on the plus-size customer, samples are made up to a size 24 now!

♥Miss Charlie

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