Sunday Sunlight - Dances

Following the vein of my last Sunday Sunlight post, I'm just gonna plow on through with more videos, because honestly, I rip apart YouTube every day for wedding stuff and it never ends. 

As you can tell from last week, I love the whole musical aspect that comes part in parcel with weddings/romance/anything lovey. Probably stems from my ridiculous amour for musicals, or the fact that I think life ITSELF ought to be a musical, and singing and dancing things caught on video in a well constructed manner is as close as I'm going to get to that! I fantasize about things in song and dance numbers even. I've got a few thousand wonderful screws loose, but let's keep it fresh!

This week: wedding dances! And not just the first dance, which in itself is a moment to provide iconic, epic memories for your guests and even your children (a dream of mine - "Look at how cool mummy and daddy were at their wedding, doing a choreographed number to OK Go!"). 

This first one is an internet classic, and an idea/song that was totally ripped by The Office, so you know it has cred:

This one not ONLY delivers on the dance, but the Dancing With The Stars spoof preamble with the bride and groom always gets me. So hilarious! And makes the lead up to the 'death drop' soo tantilizing. Amazing job!

This one doesn't necessarily have amazing choreography or anything it, but everyone just seems so wonderfully happy, and seeing little four year old girls and 60 year old grannies dancing to one of my favourite Beyonce songs makes me happier than ever.

And this one, well...It's Hitch. And it's Albert Brenneman. And my boyfriend dances without shame like Albert does. And this is an epic party. So WHY NOT!?

Got any crazier videos? Show us the sunlight!

♥Miss Bee

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