Miss Bee's Big Brizezilla Question

Yes, it's that time of week again. Monday! We've all got to get back to work and try and rub out the weekend's follies, but most of all, we're cranky. 

And speaking of crankiness - here's this week's most illustrious question. A tad less wordy than the last couple of weeks, because I want to leave this one open. (Is it the early shift/late night/never ending CZP reading talking? Yes, no, perhaps!) But seriously ladies and gents, I want a good solid bit of reaction here, so let's get the ball rolling. Here's this Monday's edition of Miss Bee's Big Question:
Is going Bridezilla justified?

 Yes, we all know her (or even, the now more common him, the elusive Groomzilla): they're the bride on an endless rampage for perfection in all aspects of their wedding, which becomes Their with a capital T, and may hell be paid if they are wronged, slighted, or railroaded on their celestial quest for baby's breath and bliss.

This can happen to the nicest girls, the most organized, and the most selfless. Suddenly, because its their wedding, its like the full moon, and they go from well balanced to tipping over the edge. But having your vision come out in the way you've carefully planned it and being disappointed is very different than lashing out and ripping apart those who oppose your tyrant like edict when things don't go as planned. Isn't it?

So tell me, are the angry string of tantrums really justified when things don't go your way on your day? Can the Bridezilla really be vindicated - after all, it is HER day, HER budget, HER plans - or will she forever be a portrait of why 50% of marriages are in jeopardy today?

Respond ladies and gents, you know I love it!

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  1. I think wedding plans can sometimes just bring out a person's true colours. Maybe underneath all the politeness and genteel-nature there lurks a beast ready to rip apart any florist who doesn't carry purple hydrangeas.