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When you're surfing through wedding blogs, like me, the a never-satisfied-addict does, you start to realize how much there is you have to juggle when planning your own wedding. Some of us are extremely organized event divas who can manage a thousand things at once like a multi-armed goddess and never break a sweat. Others probably have lives which are already being juggled enough as it is, so when it comes down to picking out table cloths, centerpieces, or save-the-date cards, it can seem scary. The potential for details to get lost or out of control mounts, and when the stress culminates, we get the unfortunate bride/groomzilla syndrome (remember our Big Question on that?). No one wants that.

So what do you do? Maybe you have a really bubbly, problem-tackling maid of honour to rely on; you are a lucky lady then. If you're still feeling overwhelmed, experts do exist. And weddings are their zone.

The one major pro about wedding/event planners right off the hop is that they already have established relationships with wedding vendors in your area, which will make dealing with bakers, photographers, or even venues much easier to handle--you might even score a deal out of it! Though it is an extra expense, you have to consider what a perfectly executed wedding vision is worth to you, and if you really have the time, patience and fortitude to manage it all on your own. If you do, more power! If not, here's one of the best Winnipeg alternatives:

Member of the 2011 Wedluxe Glitterati (so awesome!) and run by the fabulous Emma Singh, I have heard nothing but praise for this amazing and innovative event company. With over fifteen years of experience in event management, she leads an epic team that zeroes in directly on your goals and needs. They'll execute your vision so well, in fact, that you're going to be all sorts of confident in your wedding. Imagine that, breathing a sigh of relief and being allowed to enjoy one of the most important/craziest days of your life. These days, UNHEARD OF.

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So what services do they provide? Hourly consulting, month of and event day direction, down to design, decor and promotions. They also specialize in ethnic, outdoor and eco-friendly weddings! Interest piqued yet? Maybe you should check out their portfolio or contact them to book a consultation. I'm going particularly nutty at the wedding portion of the portfolio, because it's chock-a-block full of ideas!

Bottom line: it's always nice to be able to trust someone to plan your wedding and have it go off just as you've always pictured it. And to be there for you in the case of a dire cake/dress/flower emergency that, on normal occasions, would have you on the verge of a volcanic meltdown in front of 200 friends and family. Relax. Breathe. Emma's got you.

Address: 1410143 DeBaets Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Phone: 204-779-8812

Regular office hours are M - F 9:30 - 4:30.

♥Miss Bee

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