Frivolously Fat

After reading Miss Bee's post about real beauty last week, I started thinking. There are so many shows documenting a bride's weight loss saga, but none that really focus on the couple. Then I saw Shedding for the Wedding. And I wanted to kill myself.

The formula is the same: take a bunch of 'fatties' and shove them under blaring lights, in to tight clothes and down our throats. Give them cliche quotes : "Fat isn't healthy!" "We just want to look our best for our big day!" "We're doing this for us."Add in some hollywood drama: "She's giving up already!" "He can't do it anymore!" and voila: you have Shedding for the Wedding. Oh I forgot, also add a former fatty into the mix as the host to give everyone inspiration. Wow, she is so healthy now! Can you believe she ever functioned as a size 16?

God, doesn't she look just FAB now?

The basic premise of the show is to force these couples to partake in reality-show-drama-filled activities, each leading to a even more dramatic conclusion of some sort. Are they going to lose the weight? WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT, CW? In the end, the couple that survives all the challenges and loses the most weight gets their dream wedding paid for. (Because why do fatties deserve a dream wedding? C'mon, lets be real here).

Garbage like this show is the reason women go insane about losing those last 10lbs before the wedding. Ladies, what does it matter? He's seen you naked! (presumably...) he loves you already! Nobody cares if you're 145lbs at your wedding instead of your goal weight of 128lbs. Well, okay, somebody cares. Call up Slice network and they'll call in their back-fat experts to give you whats what.

If you are in love, then you need to learn to be in love with yourself. That roll that seems to love to hang out at the top of your jeans? It's just as much a part of you as your eyes, or toes, or nails. Yes, I do understand some women lose weight for health reasons, or because they feel they need to get healthy: I get it. Good for you! (You're better than me, congratulations). But please don't do it just because you are determined that Vera Wang gown will look better in a size 6.

Don't let your wedding constitute your work-out regime. If you're going to 'get fit' do it for yourself, on your own time. Stressing about weight loss before your wedding is only going to make the planning and execution that much harder! Relax, enjoy your damn wedding and stop beating yourself up over those last 15lbs!
And if you are letting fashion dictate your decision... don't forget: Karl Lagerfeld was fat. (Always makes me feel better. Chanel that Karl!{ps I still love you but you seriously have to stop talking smack about your peeps})
♥Miss Charlie

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