DIY Boudoir Photoshoot

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Well ladies, let's get down to brass tax here (if the photo didn't do that already) - while your wedding will be a show of elegance or romance, and you'll be spending the day putting your love center stage for your assorted friends and family, there are some other things you can do to keep it interesting . . . not in front of your family though. Grandma doesn't need that at age 92. (Or she might be a firecracker, who knows).

Prenuptial boudoir photoshoots have become an increasingly popular trend these days, along the same vein as pole dancing lessons with the ladies has become an acceptable option for a fun night out. Why, though? Seems kind of out of left field, but let's take stock. Who doesn't want to show their husband-to-be what they've got to look forward to the rest of their lives? It's like a bachelor party starring you that only they're invited to. The photos will last a lifetime, the same way your wedding day photos will, and let's face it: it's an amazing confidence boost to go all out and be your sexiest for the man you love.

But a lot of girls (like me) either can't or aren't willing to tack a second photoshoot (if you did engagement shots, then make that a third) onto their already ballooned wedding budget. But never fear! It is very easy to get the same quality and genuine sexiness by doing your photoshoot with one special person who knows your assets best - YOU.

So here are some helpful tips to creating a successful DIY boudoir photoshoot right in your own boudoir! You will only need two things for this assignment: one, your sexy self, and two, a digital camera with a timer.

Tip 1: Set Up Your Space

Photo copyright Charlie Gillespie-Rodie
So most important, where will your shoot take place? Bedroom? Bathroom? Basement? Livingroom? Set it up with a few key embellishments like throws, pillows, rugs, etc. The mood that you want to create will, first and foremost, be established by where you're located. Although you're the focus, you don't want your surroundings to detract. If you're trying to go for a sexy vintage look and you have a huge Jonas Bros. poster in the background, I don't think the end result will bode well. But if you're looking for, say, a toussled bedroom theme, then go all out! Mess up those sheets, roll around artistically. You know the drill. But most of all, make sure the environment of the shoot reflects you.

Tip 2: Establish Your Character
Photo copyright Laura Meyer Photography

So this theatre talk really translates to - who do you want to be on this shoot? Feisty firecracker? Demure maiden? Vintage buxom beauty? What you wear, how you do your hair, and all of your accessories are going to reflect this. Go all out when choosing your style and wardrobe! You can wear as much, or as little, as you see fit to really illustrate your theme. It's also like treating yourself to a spa/beauty day. Plan it from your hair to your shoes to the lace on that sexy thong. Ready for your close up?

Tip 3: Camera Placement

Now, I will admit that, as anniversary gifts and such for my boyfriend, I've taken my fair share of 'personal' photos, and this tip is important. Where you're going to place your camera is vital to capturing the full extent of your artistic intentions. Now, what do I mean by this? Simply put, you need to put that camera somewhere so that it is aimed directly at what you're intending to photograph. If you have a tripod, even better. For those of us who are impoverished but still well intentioned, I pull out my dresser and make a tower of books until the camera is high enough to accommodate all of the space I wish to capture. This is where a viewfinder is a godsend, because you can keep adjusting based on what you're seeing there. Take a few test shots to see if you need to zoom in or pull out just enough. Takes some fiddling, but it's worth it.

Tip 4: Dramatic Lighting, Anyone?

As I said earlier, you know yourself best, and since social networking has taken over, we all know what light suits us best in photos (especially while trolling through pics from your friends parties, and so on). Are you paler? Do you get washed out easily with the flash? Do you better suit natural light? Before taking any of the final pictures, do a few test runs with the varying settings on your digital camera to see what works best. If you need more focal lighting, remember that lamps are your friend. Again, when you bring them into the space, test out to see what needs brightening or toning down, both subject and environment wise. It can take a bit of time and fine tuning, but the end result will definitely be worth it.

Tip 5: Snap Snap Snap!

Photo courtesy of Fleur Avenue
Take as many photos as your snapping finger will allow! In fact, even when it gets tired, take ten more. The point is that in the end, you're going to be deleting quite a few, but when that's all done, you will still have tons to choose from for your final album. That being said, also make sure to stay fresh and fun, and try out a variety of poses (naughty, nice, discreet!) - especially those poses you aren't usually comfortable with. You'll really surprise yourself when you review the photos afterward and some of what you consider to be 'awkward' poses turn out really sexalicious. 

And if you're still hesitant about the outcome of such a wild day, remember that every time you look into that camera, you're looking right into your man's eye, and that'll definitely give you the energy to keep rockin' it. Stay positive knowing that this shoot will a) make him feel like the luckiest guy on earth and b) pump the both of you up about your big day even more so than before.

It's also a good excuse to go out and buy new lingerie, isn't it?

♥Miss Bee

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