Idol Worship

Jay-Z and Beyonce
Ahh, celebrities. They are (usually) beautiful, wealthy, talented (most times) and exceptionally mysterious. At some point almost everyone has wanted to be famous in some form. Whether it be a best selling author (guilty), a movie star, (also guilty) or a rock star (damn, still guilty), we've all had those fantasies. What draws us to them? Is it the clothes, cars or cards as Rick Ross would have us believe? Or is there something else behind the celebrity obsession?

I think it's all of the above, and a little bit of make-believe. Romantic make believe, that is.

Katy and Russell Brand

When celebrities join together to form some sort of super couple, people go berserk. I mean, literally berserk. When Justin Beiber was spotted with Selena Gomez for the first time in public, his legion of fans threw themselves off their metaphorical cliffs in agony.

Celebrities allow us to pretend. Pretend we (maybe) have a chance to meet one of them in a coffee shop, bar, or mall, and be swept off our feet. And when that inevitably falls through, we only just want whats best for our leading ladies and gentlemen.

A perfect spouse! What could be more perfect than another alluringly gorgeous celebrity? Hollywood is a living, breathing soap opera and we eat it up! Who is dating who, who is marrying who, who is ...ahem... 'doing the horizontal mambo' with who?

Portia de Rossi and Ellen

And sometimes, sometimes we just want to see our favourite celebrities get married already. When they've been dating for 4 miliseconds people are clambering all over asking intimate details of their lives that even a non-celebrity would be irked to answer.

Is the celebrity love/wedding obsession linked to our own dreams of finding 'happily ever after'? When Ellen married Portia did it finally click for you that there has to be somebody out there for you?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Stars have become the roles they play. The quirky girl who falls for her neurotic landlord in New York City. The lovestruck best friend, the pining ex, the poet, the listener, the dangerous spy.

Its as though the public yearns for a romance novel to play before their eyes. Sexy fireman come save me from my burning tower! And also please be Ben Affleck!

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russ

However life is not a romance novel or a soap opera (all the time, anyways). There are real people behind those designer dresses and Dior Homme suits. Some celebrities may be married for years, some will call it quits after two.

And some may never get married, just like real people in real life. Lookit Goldie and Kurt! They've been together since the early 80s if I recall correctly, and they've never tied the knot.

Brad and Angelina
In the end, Hollywood is an escape. We love to daydream, and celebrities provide the canvas for our fantasies. However it can mirror 'real life' fairly accurately on a good day.

Not everything in life works out for the best, but its nice to imagine it does. For a while.

 ♥Miss Charlie

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