Breakfast at Lakestone

Pretty much every girl I know (me included!) gives into curiosity and the need to look at very shiny, very expensive things, and surfs the net for gorgeous engagement rings. Who wouldn't! Harry Winston, Birks, Tiffany & Co., ah, they're all standards for when it comes to guilty-pleasure internet questing. 

However, and it's something that I've come across recently, why isn't there just as much available for men? I mean, they have to wear a ring too, why not make their options as varied as for the ladies? The choice in wedding band is, after all, just as important. Though I'm not denying that there are some pretty nice places out there I've ogled featuring men's wedding bands, we are, as always, Winnipeg-centric, and we've been lucky enough to come across a local jeweler specializing in wedding bands for guys!

Image copyright Lakestone Jewellers
With a masculine and still endearingly elegant collection, Lakestone seeks to satisfy the discerning bride and groom with their varied selection of rings. From Tungsten to gold plated Carbide, every ring is distinct, and the best part - affordable! Each piece is $59.00 (a truly amazing bargain!), 8mm wide, 2.3 - 2.5 mm thick, and come in sizes from 8 - 13.

Image copyright Lakestone Jewellers
Lakestone Jewellers is Winnipeg based, and though they do not yet have a physical location, you can contact them for an appointment/product viewing/fitting through their online contact form via their website. You can also download a PDF of their full collection through the 'listing' option on the same site. They ship across North America too! Aren't you just pumped prairie brides? Shiny!

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