Don't Single Me Out

I've noticed lately that there seems to be some prejudice against a single woman discussing weddings. I mean, not necessarily the fact that they are talking about their own wedding-- but weddings in general. Personally, since the launch of Little Bride on the Prairie I've had people ask me flat out: "Why do you care about weddings? You're single."and "what do you know about marriage and relationships, you've been single for years!" It struck me as odd that I had to have a relationship status to incur an interest in nuptials. Even odder that I apparently know nothing of relationships just because I am in said 'singleton' state.

 Personally, I have an interest in weddings from a purely aesthetic point-of-view. Would it be different if I were in a relationship? I can't say for sure. However, I don't think I lose credibility as a Wedding Blogger just because I myself am not planning a wedding, or thinking about a long term relationship.

Of course there are women who are in relationships that enjoy researching weddings online, and maybe they do appreciate the input from another woman who is in the same stage of life-- or maybe what matters is the quality of the information, not who it is coming from.

Martyrdom of Singlehood

I think people may picture the single as a woman in-waiting. Waiting for love, waiting for courtship, dating, romance, sweep-you-off-your-feet gestures, marriage, babies, houses, you name it.

Buuuutttt I like to picture myself more as a Warrior Queen (a la Boudicca) or some sort of strong soldier of singlehood.

I am proud of my relationship status. I don't think it makes me a lesser person to admit it either. Does it make it harder to understand the concept of marriage? Well, no, not really. I have parents and they're married. My Grandparents were married, my relatives have gotten married. I have friends who are close to marriage-- I think there are a lot of resources I can draw on to make educated decisions about what constitutes a good wedding and what doesn't.

The thing is, I love weddings. I love the idea of a great party, the dress, the amazing cakes, the table settings -- maybe I'm just an event planner at heart... But really!

I will admit that yes, I probably would have more insight in to the emotional aspect of getting married if I were in a serious relationship, and the commitment it takes. (I leave that all to Miss Bee because she is a smarter lady than I).

Yeah, I do tend to enjoy the more frivolous parts of getting married (like the shoes!) but I don't think that makes less of a wedding blogger because of it.

 I think what I lack in experience I make up for in enthusiasm. You can talk my socks off about your wedding and I will listen and give you my full attention for hours. Maybe its the student in me talking, but I enjoy hearing different perspectives on The Big Day.

So talk to me! Tell me your stories! I may be single, but I appreciate the huge event in your life when you said 'I do'.

 ♥Miss Charlie


  1. First of all, Boudicca owns. Second, you are totally right. I've been nutso for weddings since I was 12. Pretty sure I wasn't in a committed relationship at that time (having a crush on Tuxedo Mask does not count). If anyone judges you or tries to illegitimize your passion based on your relationship status, it's them who lead the empty life. The single woman is powerful, independent, and is usually very envied by the post-wedding-bride because she's so damn fierce. BE LOUD AND PROUD and dontchu stop bloggin'!


  3. Old Prairie Lady says:
    I don't think you have to be married, or in a relationship to love weddings. Old or young if you are a wedding person then you are drawn to it all. The dress, styles over the years. Traditions where did they come from white, veils. Cakes, types, styles, flavours. Flowers ohhhh flowers, yes hmmmmm. So many options and only one chance to get it perfect!