Table for Two Engagement Shoot + BLF Studios

How thankful and humble am I that my friends want to be featured on the blog! Believe me, I feel way more incredibly blessed. Especially because of this soon-to-be prairie bride who I know and love!

Photo copyright Bond Freyer of BLF Studios

I've known Jen for a long time, and for as long as she's been with Adam. "He's a sexy soccer player and he plays the DRUMMMMMS!" she squealed to me after one of their first dates. Perfect start, I'D SAY.

Jen is pretty much the nicest, funniest, and most My Little Pony-centric person I know. In fact, after only knowing her for a couple of weeks, I presented her with the only My Little Ponies I owned, and she somehow knew the official catalogue names and years of their manufacture. NEEDLESS TO SAY, I love her very dearly. She's actually going to be doing some guest posts for us on her road to planning her June Winnipeg wedding! You have no idea how pumped I am for all the juicy details. So you better stay tuned!! Sigh. It's all the epic people in Winnipeg that make me long for it! I'm going to try my hardest to save up and fly in for this wedding, because just judging by these photos, I know it's going to be brilliant.

So the point that this gushy tangent eventually leads to: Jen recently got her engagement photos done! Which left me jumping up and down with more joy than I thought possible when it appeared on my Facebook feed. The use of ambient light and shadow here is really breathtaking. The focus of the shoot is also quite a departure from the norm in terms of environment - the first portion was shot at a popular Winnipeg restaurant in the main dining area. Later they moved to the chilly outside, and I must say, I do have a soft spot for winter shoots! Everything looks so bright and alive and romantic, especially the couple.

Photo copyright Bond Freyer of BLF Studios
So as you can see, we are very, very, VERY LUCKY, as the photographer, Bond Freyer, has been kind enough to let us post Jen and Adam's shoot here today for all of you prairie brides to ogle at! Oh lord, so lovely!

Ahem, as I was saying, all of the photos, including the very cool video below are courtesy of Winnipeg's own BLF Studios, who specialize in weddings in both Winnipeg and Western Cape, South Africa. Check out some more stills from the shoot at Bond's blog for the studio. There's so much stunning effervescence to this shoot and the others, and if you're tempted to have Bond and his mad skills present for your own engagement, wedding, or just for portraits, check out his portfolio (endless supply of eye-candy for you!) and when you've been obviously wowed, contact him here. And for that extra somethin'-somethin', as always, follow Bond on Facebook for his latest work!

Wanna see the whole brilliant shoot? Why, here's the video for it! Enjoy and be inspired prairie brides!

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  1. I know it's probably in poor taste to comment on a feature that, well, features yourself, but I the things I have to say have very little to do with me!

    First, Bond is such a great guy to work with. I was tres nervous at the beginning of the shoot, but he just makes you feel at ease and works at a pace that allows you to get the hang of things and settle the pesky butterflies. He's truly an artist and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

    Secondly, our own Miss B is quite lovely in her own right, being simultaneously one of the funniest and most unique people I know. Incredibly blessed with a wide-range of talents and a penchant for dreaming, she inspires you to do more with your own talents. I am honored to have her as a friend.

    Annnndddd shameless plug: My stuff is coming soon! Yay!