A Picture Says A Thousand Words--A Photo booth Says More

 This is a trend that I feel is an amazing idea, wedding or any other kind of event you plan on running. Especially if you're going for the vintage/nostalgia feel that really gets your guests going and ramp up the excitement! Are you ready?! Get ready!

Now you're like "Oh my God, what is she talking about?" Well, c'mon. PHOTO BOOTHS of course! And now I hear you groaning, again (kind of like I was while researching this) "But there's nooo onnneeee in Winnipeg who rents them out, so stop teasing me with awesomeness!" Well prairie peeps, we were all wrong!

Why, you are asking, would I want this monstrosity at my fancy wedding? Well here are a couple of reasons that may convince you to get outside of your tulle encrusted box (taken from the PBROW site):

  • It's Unique! You'll be amazed at the buzz that's created once your guests see the booth.
  • It's Fun! You'll get pictures of your friends & family that you would never get otherwise. No-one can resist hamming it up, once the red light comes on!
  • Photo strips are wonderful mementos for you or your guests. You and your guests will enjoy having your picture taken on original film that will last a lifetime. Add a scrapbook for a truly treasured keepsake!
But that's not all! This company has AUTHENTIC, vintage photo booths available to rent (from the 50s and 60s . . . yes, in working condition!) So if you're still in it for the vintage, this is as close as it gets! Not only will they supply the booth, but props as well should you choose the Photo Pavilion (which lots and lots of swingin' couples are). And if Vintage isn't your thing, don't worry, they have New Generation, full colour photo booths in addition to black/white or green/white. 
Aren't you pumped?! I am! I've been looking around for a company that does this in Winnipeg for a while, ever since seeing such successful and epic wedding photo booths on Rock n Roll Bride or Green Wedding Shoes. Really gals, I know you're already hiring a fancy photographer, but now you can let your guests in on the fun, not just your bridal party! It'll also be something epic your guests will be talking about years after the wedding. Who doesn't want that? Visit their site for rental info and what's included in your rental package!

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Email: info@pbrow.ca

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