Miss Bee's Birds and/or Bees Question

Yes, I made a funny with that subject line. TRA LA LA!

Oh prairie brides, I miss the days when you'd actually contribute to my questions! So I guess I'm going to have to get a little more racy in order to light things up around here. Today I leave this one open ended, and I especially invite the ensuing stories. This one kind of interests me and I want to hear your opinions/tales!

Are you gonna DO IT on your wedding night?

Now it may sound like an obvious question, but let's think of it rationally: by the time everything wraps up (if you're like me) it's going to be 4 am. You've probably been awake since 5 am the previous day because, let's face it, you were dying from the butterflies/excitement/nervousness. Wow lady, that's nearly 24 hours! AND you've been dancing for the last 6, talking to every single guest the last 10, and you've probably been doing it all in heels. Oh you super woman! 

And when you finally get home, very close to passing out, you realize you still have to consummate the marriage (let's also face it: in this day and age you've probably been consummating it for a while . . .) but seriously. Would you be too exhausted, or would you pound back three Red Bulls and jump on it for the sake of your own private ceremony? Or are you gonna save it all for the honeymoon when you've finally recuperated?

Dish dish dish! C'mon guys, work with a curious gal!

Miss Bee

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