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Welcome to Monday! Ahh, I can handle Monday, as long as it's as sunny as it has been the past week! Spring has FINALLY decided to show it's face, and I refuse to have a bad case of the Mondays when it's warming up and the days are getting longer. I also refuse to believe it's going to rain tomorrow. REFUSE.

Moving on. Let's get to this week's question, shall we? And let's get right down to the point to, because I feel like my question posts have been getting too chatty!

Who Should Pay For The Wedding?

Ah, it's an eternal struggle. Traditionally it's been the parents who take on the fiscal responsibility of fueling your nuptials. But nowadays couples want to be independent of their parents, and see paying for their entire wedding as a symbol of committing the time as well as moolah to a prosperous marriage. 

But alas! You approach your wedding with gleaming rose-coloured glasses, dreams of a hundred doves flying into the sunset and riding away in a horse drawn carriage all too palpable. But impossible unless you want to take out a loan or completely obliterate that nest egg you've been saving up for your first house. So your parents intervene! Or the groom's parents. Or some kind of Wedding Angel (c).

But then the logic/reason behind all your luxe wedding needs is brought into question. You want that 8 ft chocolate fountain but because either your or the groom's parents (or both) are footing the bill, they call the shots (and the chocolate fountain is shot down.) So, do you sacrifice the power for the moolah, or do you wait to get married for an extra year or two before you save up the money? And if the money is offered to you, ought you take it and run? Is it rude to refuse? Or ruder still to assume that your mom and pop, probably now retired, ought to pay out the nose for your four thousand dollar Vera Wang duds?

Talk to me prairie peeps!

♥Miss Bee

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