Sunday Sunlight - A Few of My Favourite Things

So I follow a ridiculous amount of wedding blogs. Call me a Super Connoisseur, if you will. I devour them and gather ideas like some kind of crow on a quest for shiny, pretty things, to build my own wedding nest out of. As such, you better believe I have quite a few favourites saved and tucked away! So today, I'll be cracking open my vault and giving you a couple of lovely links so you can browse/open up pandora's box for a relaxed Sunday websurf. 


Photo copyright Palos Studio
Absolutely love the elegant use of black throughout this completely rocking wedding!

Photo copyright Ross Lennox Photography
What super-thrilled me about this entire thing, aside from the fact it took place in Scotland, aside from the fact that the couple is absolutely beautiful and ASIDE from the fact that the groom is wearing a kilt - but the bride, also a milliner, made her exquisite woolen-steampunky wedding gown on her onesies. That is what I call a Power Bride.

Photo copyright Studio EMP

The title says it all on this one, and the cake is famous in my book. Also, best wedding hat ever! So much work and love went into this wedding, and nerdy, steamy goodness. A lot of inspiration here! And typewriter keys EVERYWHERE. Do want!!

Stay fresh and bright!

♥Miss Bee

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