Miss Bee's Big Guest List Question

This one's kind of been creeping up on me! Although it does come from that fantastic well of suggestions for my usual Big Question, it's always sat at the back of my mind. 

When planning a wedding, most of your big bookings like ceremony and reception sites will rely on your number of guests. Naturally, you're going to want to have all of your closest family and friends there . . . but so will the groom. So what happens when that number starts to climb from the intimate 50 you originally planned to the massive 250 it suddenly skyrockets to? I mean, there are so many people you want to share the day with, but on the other hand, you really don't want anyone to feel left out. Still, maybe staying within budget is really important to you--because imagine, if you have 250 guests already coming, you'll also have to tack on a plus one to that. And all of a sudden bam, your number is out of control and you can't book the site you've planning on because your list is so bloated.

So this week's big question:

How Do You Limit Your Wedding Guest List?

Will you set a number and stick to it with little to no flexibility? Or will you create certain criteria that the chosen few will have to meet--for example, 'have I spoken to this person in the last year?', or, 'how long have I known this person? If it's within 3 years, then I'll include them.' Maybe instead of all that you'll literally flip a coin or roll a dice, because you honestly can't choose.
Whatever your method, we definitely want to know! C'mon, spill!

♥Miss Bee


  1. This is probably my biggest headache. I picked a venue outside of the city that allows for a large guest list & still lets me bring in my own caterer so that I can manage the budget better, as I have a very large extended family that is close but I am still struggling with how many people from work I will invite.

    I've decided that 6 women for sure are invited and received Save the Dates but there is at least another 6 that are amazing. If I invite them that's 12 more guests when you include their +1 and it also means I've invited 50% of the office, which I have no idea if that will upset the 50% that aren't invited.

    Currently my invite list is 230 and with the average 70% YES RSVPs, I'm anticipating 160 guests at least but then will probably grow...

  2. Wow, I totally laughed out loud at the work comment, because I completely understand where you're coming from. There's also the difficult decision of who to invite to the ceremony, reception, or both, because you don't want to leave anyone out. Oh lord, but it is a difficult process! I still vote using a dartboard or some similarly fate-based system. Haha, oh dear.

    Keep us updated on your wedding planning insight for sure! Which venue outside of the city are you planning on?

    <3Miss Bee

  3. I went with Great Woods Park & Campground just outside of Beausejour. It 40 minutes from Winnipeg, so a little farther then I would have liked originally but its beautiful and allows me a lot more freedom then venues closer to the city do.

    And people that don't want to drive home after the reception/dance can opt to sleep in a tent.