Book Review: Dress Rehearsal

Before Miss Bee roped and tied me to her love of weddings, there was another form of wedding-appreciation I partook in. Chic lit! Yes, I know, I know. Chic Lit. I admit it! Whatever! It's fun and carefree reading for those days when you can't handle The Lovely Bones or She's Come Undone. I can attest to the fact that there are some really bad chic lit books out there but Dress Rehearsal by Jennifer O'Connell is one of those chic lit books that really makes you rethink the genre. It has been a few years since I read the book, but I figured it would be relevant book review considering it's all about a woman working in the wedding business.

Taken from Booklist via Amazon:
Can a couple's choice of wedding cake predict the success of their marriage? Lauren Gallagher, owner of the chic cake boutique Lauren's Luscious Licks, is beginning to think so. Couples who argue over butter cream and marzipan seem destined to argue all the way to divorce court. Her faith in the theory is so unshakable that she pitches it to a book agent and convinces her best friend, Paige, to break up with her fiance. What was he thinking, requesting cupcakes for the reception? When her newly engaged ex-boyfriend waltzes into her shop and orders the very cake she's been saving for her own wedding, she wonders if he was really "the one" after all. This book takes on the common theme of searching for Mr. Right with a sweet twist and inept, funny, and sympathetic characters.
Dress Rehearsal is a fun read, though one can definitely see the big plot point coming from a mile away. Then again, if you are one to read this type of book then you are well-versed in the genre's basic formula. However! It is an interesting look at wedding-related work. Do all people who work in the wedding business guess how long a newly wed couple will last? 

If you want to give the book a shot you can buy it here. Or here

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