Miss Bee's Last Question for a While

Hey there prairie brides!

Today's question is kind of a deviation from usual. It's going to be about weddings but not really. Here goes the preamble.

Unfortunately, at the moment Miss Charlie and I are super busy (I have three jobs on top of a writing career, an encroaching trip to Scotland with my man and a very empty fridge; Charlie is scouring the seven seas for employment and trying to hone her craft of being awesome). 

So, we are going on a brief hiatus! We'll be back sometime (no ETA).

BUT, should you still want to submit something to us (photography, vendors, etc), feel free, and we will get it up ASAP. Right now it seems like we are doing a lot of filler with very few subs, but hopefully we will come back with crazy awesome ideas, and most of all, time.

So here's my last question for a while:

Will You Miss LBP?

Miss Bee

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  1. I will miss it but I know we can't keep it running atm. :(