True Romance

Classic movie romantic gesture
Who hasn't watched a classic romance movie and jealously wished something like that could happen to you? I think any one who lived through their teenage years has had that feeling. But here's my question Prairie-Readers... does true romance shape the movies, or do the movies shape romance? A little art is life/life is art conundrum of the heart.

16 Candles
To me, I feel as though Hollywood is a give and take when it comes to romance. We take inspiration from the movies, but true and real romance will always outshine any onscreen gestures that LA can produce.

Films are depictions of life exaggerated to the umpteenth degree. But is there truth behind the raised boomboxes, candle-lit monologues or rainy day kisses?

The Breakfast Club
I think there is to a certain extent. There is always that 'guy who you barely talk to but know you love with' in high school, the 'obsessive guy-friend' or the 'mysterious bad-boy'.

OR, let me go all 'Matrix' on you-- do these archetypes exists because we imagine they do thanks to the influence of Hollywood?

I don't know! What do you think?

<3 Miss Charlie

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