Miss Bee's Big Attendant Question

So we here at LBP are all for going against the grain, for doing things that no one else expects all for the sake of you having an amazing day. Today's question falls under this umbrella of win.

Would you have a Maid or Man of Honour? A Best Lady over a Best Man?

It's that simple! Why let gender roles dictate who's at your side to support you when the big day comes? I mean, what if your best friend was from the opposite sex? What if you wanted them to be there for you in lieu of asking a girl/guy friend who you really haven't had much to do with through your formative years? 

I do realize, however, that there can still be a bit of tension here if say, the bride had a really boisterous partier for a 'Man of Honour' who was more interested in getting to the open bar than picking through tulle. Or if the Best Lady is really flirty and expected to be at the Groom's beck and call when he needs a hand. Breaking tradition can get tricky.

So, would you? Wouldn't you? If not, why? Shout it out!

Miss Bee

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