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Okay lets talk bridal party. What do you readers think is the best way to approach bridesmaid dresses? I've read and heard quite a few opinions on this, but I always like to hear more! Some say keep it cohesive--the same colour, the same dress. Others say mix it up--give every woman her own choice of colour out of a set you've chosen.

For me personally I think the most important thing is to make every one in your bridal party feel comfortable and beautiful. Some dress styles don't work on all body types, so giving your 'maids a few style options within your colour choices is another option.

Alfred Angelo has a huge selection of bridal party options, with each style coming in a range of over 55 colours! You have the option of 'trying' each dress in your colours which is a really helpful option.

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Here is a simple style of bridesmaid dress--classic strapless, but a little more flirty. Thanks to the handy colour selector I can pick any color combination! Here I've chosen the Espresso dress with coral trim.

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And here I've switched it up with an emerald dress and eggplant trim! Even if you aren't interested in purchasing gowns from this site, it's still a fun and helpful tool to get a sense of what your bridal party could potentially look like.

Here is a set I've put together illustrating my "many styles same colour" theory. Keeping with a 'grape' colour and floor length theme:

Each dress is relatively the same, but the different strap/waist style combinations can help your bridesmaids feel they are staying true to their own unique style and body type.

<3 Miss Charlie

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