Sunday Sunlight - Proposals

Let the sunlight in
Today I'd like to introduce a new concept for our Sunday double feature: we're calling it Sunday Sunlight, which will comprise one of the day's two entries. It will be filled with something sunshine-y, brilliant, inspiring and fun on your Sunday afternoon wed-browse. 

This afternoon's version of Sunday Sunlight is about proposals! The idea for something like this came to me after I realized I'd been spending over two hours trolling YouTube for awesome, creative, and most of all unique proposal videos. I can't get enough of them. I think it's always the way the bride-to-be reacts at the end of the surprise or spectacle that ensues. Prairie grooms, take notes! And prairie brides--enjoy.

Here are my current faves:

This one is my absolute favourite of all time!

Have a cool proposal story? Or some other videos that totally trump mine? Let us know in the comments!

♥Miss Bee

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