Roses Are Red, Flowers are Fabulous

Now planning any wedding, on the prairies or not, there are going to be a ridiculous amount of things to consider. Decor, food, style. All very important. But there is one aspect that, though a no brainer, can still be extremely delicate. 

The flowers.

All depicted are bouquets created by Broadway Florists LTD.
 For those of you who live outside of the prairie provinces, you have to realize that our choice on flowers is limited. Guess why? Yes, you’re correct--the horrifying never-ending winters. Not exactly ample growing conditions for gardenias, kangaroo paw or even roses. However, that isn’t to say there aren’t growers here! Just few enough to make exporting flowers way more cost effective. As a result, a lot of our flowers are from somewhere like Vancouver where they could pretty much grow a mountain should they so wish. Oh wait. They already did.

After working in a florist for the better part of four years, you realize the tenuous stresses that are involved with arranging all your wedding flowers. But small or infinite budget, you can still make your wedding gorgeous. Just got to be a little creative! And where do I suggest you go in Winnipeg in order to get that creative, elegant flair for all your pretty pennies?

Broadway Florists LTD Polo Park storefront, located at 1485 Portage Avenue

Yes, I know, a little biased of me considering that this is in fact where I worked, but there’s no harm in a healthy reference.

You may have seen their booth recently at the Wonderful Wedding Show in Winnipeg, their display overflowing with classic, stylish and well designed pieces you don’t see too often. Which, if you’re looking for something unique and not run of the mill, is perfect. 

One thing you need to pay particular attention to when you’re choosing your wedding florist—do they have credibility? Thankfully, Broadway has it in spades. They’ve been in Winnipeg for 74 years now, the main location in Polo Park being there even before the mall itself was closed in. Run intimately by the Cholakis family, Broadway Florists has seen and moved with ¾ of a century’s worth of styles and trends, and you can bet they’ve built tight relationships with clients and growers. They have access to a variety of gorgeous flowers too that will definitely accent the vision of your wedding day, as well as a growing specialty in modern arrangements.

 But the flair and style of their product would be nothing without the customer service and the attention to detail that the designers provide. Especially Lorelei Galean, the self taught floral designer who specializes in funky off-the-wall styles that will have the modern bride going absolutely gaga. If she were to open up her own shop I’d drop my career in a heartbeat to work with her. She taught me all the essential skills and tricks to basic floral design, and well as the most important thing: patience...with the medium as well as the customer on the receiving end. 

Drop them an email or a phone call should you be interested, all your prairie brides! You can set up a wedding consultation Monday to Saturday, 9-5. Ask for Costa or Ernest! Also, you can visit them on the web or on Facebook.

Any florists in Winnipeg that's got your heart racing, all you in blog-land? Drop us a line in the comments! 

♥ Miss Bee

*All photos were taken by Costa Cholakis, co-manager of Broadway Florists either at the Wonderful Wedding Show or at specific events the company was a part of. All arrangements depicted here were created by the team at Broadway Florists LTD in Winnipeg, Manitoba.*

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