Official Launch February 14, 2011!

Photo courtesy of My Owl Barn (click here to download the free PDF for these adorable Valentines!)

Valentine's Day. V-Day. Crunch time fo' lovas. It can mean loads of chocolate, special moments, lingerie, even more chocolate, flowers, exotic getaways, um, chocolate? Or, I dunno . . . how about engagements?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! And have we got an engagement for you!

Attention to the following:

Recently Engaged
Recently Eloped
Dress Lovers
Dress Trashers
Cake/flower/decor/hors d'oeuvres aficianados
Everyone in between

And most important of all, are you from WINNIPEG?


We need your REAL WEDDINGS, REAL PHOTOS, REAL LOVIN', and most importantly, your honest-to-god zest for the prairies that many of us (myself included) carry with us no matter where we seem to end up. Without it, we can't exist, and quite frankly, we need to!

Little Bride on the Prairie seeks to highlight all the inspiration from decor to diva that you need should you be planning your upcoming nuptial-fest, or should you just be proud of your prairie-ness and pumped to show it off to the Wide Wedding World! These kind of blogs exist in the dozens for the West Coast and Ontario, but none for the Heart of the Continent, and c'mon . . . that's downright mischievous!

Home of The Weakerthans, The Golden Boy, The Jets, the Assiniboine and the Red, Sunday Night Cruise Night, The Provencher Bridge, and maybe, with your help, a hip and fab wedding resource for the creative, gutsy, romantic Little Brides I know are out there.

So for those of you who are going to marry on the prairie, check out a little bit more About Us, or if you have something you want to flaunt, take a look at how with our Submissions Page . . . and should your appetite be whet, maybe we'll have a little something special to grease the wedding wheels come launch day.

And so, ladies, gents, prairie-wedding ne'er-do-wells--stay tuned for February 14, 2011 when we officially launch. How can you resist? C'mon! There's definitely something in it for you!

Miss Bee


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