I've been seeing the trend of brooch bouquets quite a bit lately! It's become pretty popular as the new wave of DIY vintage wedding stuff flows in, and I'm really digging it. First of all, it's something you can make yourself, which adds to the unique and special flavour of your wedding's 'identity'. You're never going to see the same brooch bouquet twice either, let me tell you.

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Also adding to the personal flair, a lot of brides are opting to put, say, their grandmother's/mother's/great aunt's old brooches together, which is a great use for them if they've just been collecting dust or edging closer to the Good Will bin. This is also a great twist on using faux flowers in lieu of live ones.

That being said, there's also the really neat option of mixing your glass/ceramic brooches with real flowers to still give it that elegant touch (really digging on the peonies and feathers here!)

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Another great plus to this versatile spin on faux flowers is that this bouquet won't wilt or die (with the exception of the added live flowers of course). Instead of throwing it out at the end of the day or drying it behind a china cabinet forever, this is a physical memory of your special day that you can always take out and admire. This is definitely something I'd consider for my wedding!

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